Dear Customers

I established the Gaye Real Estate Agency in 1995 with the objective to provide “ unlimited customer satisfaction ” to its customers which has become our “Motto”. With the success achived over the years and within this framework,we pay great attention to solicit appropriate services for all our customers who wish to rent or for owners who are eager to rent out their properties.

All matters related to real estate whether rent or sale of flats, houses, villas, offices, buildings and lands, expertice reports or consultancy; all are included within the scope of the activities of our office.

Through the experience, which we have acquired over the years and the great effort spent in this sector, we have noticed that many of our clients need further assistance during their stay other then just finding accommodation.

Therefore wherever deemed necessary, we continue rendering our services to our customers who are relocating; so as to solicit a smooth move to their new destination.. 

  • GOP - Kaptanpasa- Duplex - 4+1
  • GOP - Bogaz St.- Furnished - Duplex - 4+2
  • GOP - Nurol Residance - Furnished - 1+1
  • GOP - Furnished in Koza Street - 4 + 1
  • GOP - on Hatır Street
    2+1 - Combi - Closed Garage

Our Services

With the assistance of our linguist staff (Turkish, English, German, Arabic & French speaking); our office renders many services to its customers to enable the relocation to a new destination to be as smooth and comfortable as possibe. We as Gaye Real Estate Agency do not of course gather all these facilities in its Office but work together as a team with reputable and expert companies in their fields for the services mentioned below. Be assured that only the best of services will be provided.

Real Estate

Renting of houses, offices, buildings as well as selling of houses, offices, buildings and land.

Rent of Furniture

We have a selection of furniture and all other household goods in our storage which we rent out to our customers whenever needed. This makes moving for some of our customers very comfortable and easy. You don’t have to worry where to obtain furniture for short or long terms. Therefore those who which, may move in their home, whether rented through our agency or not, by just bringing along their personal belonging.

Decoration Works/Repairs/Satelite Dish Installations:

We work together with experts in interior decoration, painting, wood work, electrical Works, satelite dish installations, plumbing etc. Therefore we are always at your service if you have such requirements.